SOGS 2015

David Gilmour is the winner of the Brownlow Riddell Trophy this year, at this meeting of SOGS.

Held on Friday 28 August, 2015, we enjoyed a challenging day at Crieff Golf Club.

Congratulations David; and enjoy your year with the fabulous trophy!

The Falcon Cup winners for 2015 are the pairing of Alasdair Fern and Graham Cormack... Well done!

Home of the SOGS

The Scottish Ophthalmologists Golfing Society represents the oldest sporting event in Scottish ophthalmology.

The annual golfing event is eagerly anticipated by all the golfers working in Scottish ophthalmology today, and is as competitive as it is enjoyable!

The highlight of each meeting is the morning competition for the legendary Brownlow Riddell Trophy. This highly sought-after piece of silverware has an incredible history, and this creates an intense golf competition as high and low handicappers alike strive for that birdie putt that may mean a chance to take the trophy home.

2010 at Edzell - The group assembled on the course prior to the morning competition!

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SOGS Membership

If you are interested in coming along to a SOGS meeting, or wish further information, please send us an email to:-

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Other golfing events

As well as the annual SOGS meeting, there are several other golfing competitions held and attended by Scottish Ophthalmologists.    If you wish to advertise them here, just drop us an email.